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Welcome to Boss Bitches Self Care Shop, where our story is one of resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication to helping others be their best.

Our journey began when Tara, a seasoned professional with a successful career, decided to take a leap of faith. Driven by a deep desire to create a special place of relaxation and rejuvenation, she embarked on a remarkable adventure alongside her daughter. Together, they turned a dream into reality by opening their very own spa.

Self Care Products & Services

The key to self care is consistency. 

We make it possible to have all of your favorite spa tools, products, and services delivered to your front door for consistent and safe use in the convenience of your own home; saving time, money and trips to the spa.


Solo Salon Owner, Salon Team, & Independent Contractor Consulting.

Hiring a consultant in the beauty industry can be a game-changer.

We assist with navigating the licensing procedures, connecting with manufactures, creating & planning social media content and so much more.

Our expertise brings a fresh perspective, industry insight, and saves time and money by streamlining operations and ensuring you're on the right track to success. Let's connect, schedule your consultation today.

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Esthetician Services

Book your next appointment with Tara, a Traveling Licensed CA/NV Esthetician and Certified Natural Skincare Formulator.

She specializes in hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and anti aging using natural products, chemical peels & the latest tools.

We offer services in Las Vegas NV, Northern Nevada & The Bay Area, CA.

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Nail Services

Book your next appointment with Mo (@mobaandz) a Traveling Licensed CA/NV Manicurist that has been in the game since 2017.

You can find her keeping up to date with the latest trends, paying attention to the details, (a.k.a The CUTICLES) and educating clients on the process & aftercare.

We offer services in Las Vegas NV, Northern Nevada & The Bay Area, CA.

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Catch Us In Our Community

Youth Entreprnuership Mentoring

We understand the vital role businesses play in their community and we wanted to be apart of this.

In 2017 we created Plug The Project, a mentoring program that educates at risk students about self-care, self awareness, financial literacy, community and of course BUSINESS.

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Pivoting From a Spa to Ecommerce During COVID 19

In those first days of the economic shut down in March, Tara did her best to stay positive. At the time, she was the owner of Touch of Paradise Spa and hoped that the closures would last for a week or so. But as days turned into weeks, a stark reality set in. 

Read about how the Small Business Develompent Center assisted us with our pivot during the COVID-19 Shut Down.

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