A Small Town Girl With BIG Dreams

A Small Town Girl With BIG Dreams

I grew up in Battle Mountain, NV,  population of 3,705 people located smack dab in the middle of Northern Nevada. I grew up in what society would deem lower class, born to a workaholic mom, a hustler for a dad and babysat by the towns brothel madam.  My earliest memory was praying for central air/heat in 100/-3 degree weather while circling my future products in the Oriental Trading Catalog. 

The "struggle" actually sounds nice to me. Some say they got it out of the mud,  I say I got it out of the quicksand.  I credit both of my parents for allowing me to be and do whatever the hell I wanted to do. My life lessons started at an early age and was left to figure out most of them on my own but I wouldn't want it any other way because each lesson molded me into who I am today.

A huge part of my foundation came from my hometown Battle Mountain, Nevada. My city friends describe it as an old western movie town, a small mining town and home to one of the last brothels in Nevada. The town has been given the official name The Armpit of America, but mostly referred to as located in the middle of nowhere.

There is ONE elementary, junior high and high school so no matter what side of town you're from children have the opportunity to receive the same education. Teachers were supported by parents, their community, and local businesses; in return they supported their students. The education and support I received would end up laying a strong foundation for my future. 

Battle Mountain had a block of houses that were free to no cost for teachers and public service. Police officers police the community they grew up in; giving them an  advantage of knowing the area, the culture, and the local history. The town's jail is super small so their approach to crime is different. They are in support of getting to the root problem and promote rehabilitation versus prison terms. On my last trip there I asked how local residents get home from the bar without UBER or Lyft, she replied "the local sheriff will give rides home from the bar." How cool is that? 

The closest towns are one hour away and almost impossible to get to during winter storms. This causes a boost in Battle Mountain's economy because money is being circulated through and kept in town. The town then invests back into the community; their high school game field features artificial turf and is encircled by an eight-lane all-weather track. Their recreation center has an indoor competition size swimming pool, a game room, basketball court, and racquetball court. I observed at an early age the vital role businesses played in a community. 

We can't forget the town is so small everyone KNOWS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS. But so does everyone in the city once you have been there long enough.  A community of people that gather to support one another during good times and bad. I believe the close net community deters crime; the rate of crime in Battle Mountain is 26.88 per 1,000 residents during a standard year according to crimegrade.org. I grew up witnessing how important it was for community members to come together to help each other and their community. 

Growing up and being educated in Battle Mountain gave me the tools I needed to go out into the world and succeed. After seeing how important businesses were to a community I vowed to one day open a business and give back to my community. 

Lesson Learned: Dream BIG! 

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