From a Teen Mom to Entrepreneur

From a Teen Mom to Entrepreneur

I became a teen mom at the age of 13; well 31 days before my 14th birthday. I know I know; how in the f$%#^ and where were my parents? By then my parents had divorced, I lived with my dad in Battle Mountain, NV and he basically let me do whatever I wanted to do. 

I knew nothing but I wanted a different life for my daughter. Everyone in my family had been to jail or prison and I was on my way. I didn't know how to change, where to start,  or what it looked like. I caught glimpses here and there when I visited my friends house or watched the Brady Bunch. There was one thing I knew for sure, I HAD to leave my hometown. The only town I ever knew; not because I didn't love living there but I felt like there was more to the world than Battle Mountain. 

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